Dental Implants Vs. Natural Teeth: Which Is the Better Option?

Dental Implants Vs. Natural Teeth: Which Is the Better Option?

Sep 22, 2021

A natural and healthy tooth is always a preferred choice when dealing with your oral health. Every dentist admits that nothing can beat your natural teeth for durability and strength. However, if you manage to lose them for any reason getting a tooth implant helps you get close to the natural teeth you lost.

Dental implants are similar to permanent teeth because a titanium post is embedded into your jawbone to act as an artificial tooth root to prevent health issues from going ahead. If you have lost a single tooth, fixing a dental abutment follows embedding the dental implant besides a dental crown attached to the implant to mimic the crown of natural teeth.

Which Is the Better Option between the Two?

Implants Are Permanent

You are born with your baby teeth replaced by permanent teeth as you grow up. Living without your teeth becomes impossible, causing pain, embarrassment, health problems, loss of confidence, and lower quality of life. However, your natural teeth are prone to fall off, necessitating the need for dental implants to replace them.

Unlike your permanent teeth, dental implants are indeed permanent and unlikely to fall off unless you make a concerted effort to attract problems like periodontal disease by maintaining improper oral hygiene. The titanium implant is biocompatible and blends with your jawbone to become a portion of your body. Porcelain helps make the artificial abutment tooth sitting atop the implant, making it resistant to tooth decay and bacteria. Therefore dental implants with artificial crowns give you the freedom to remain free from the bacteria in your mouth causing cavities.

The description above shouldn’t make you think you must have your natural teeth removed and seek replacements with dental implants. On the contrary, you must make every effort to save your natural teeth as best possible, following an excellent dental hygiene regimen and visiting your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Dental implants are merely an alternative to function as your natural teeth after you lose them.

Why Must You Preserve Your Natural Teeth?

Preserving your natural teeth is always better than undergoing a procedure for getting replacements using dental implants. Besides the cost of getting implants, you also must endure a lengthy process requiring 6 to 9 months for healing and multiple dental visits to evaluate your progress. Advances in dentistry now allow you to have replacement teeth and dental implants in a day. However, the procedure does not reduce the healing time, which continues to remain the same.

Having a dental implant can cost as high as $ 6000 for a single tooth and may become an option if you lose teeth because of advanced periodontal disease. You must try to preserve your natural teeth if you want to avoid significant expenses and pain undergoing the procedure of getting dental implants. However, you must ensure you are free from decay, damages, or diseases to appropriately ensure you care for your natural teeth.

Unhealthy Teeth Significantly Impact Your Health

If you have a set of decaying teeth, you are also prone to significant health problems. In addition, if you have advanced periodontal disease besides losing your teeth, you are also a risk of health problems needing attention from different medical professionals instead of dentists.

Sufficient research indicates gum disease causes problems like cardiovascular disease, strokes, lower birth weight among children, osteoporosis, decreased effectiveness to insulin among diabetics, respiratory issues, and malocclusion resulting in muscles in the jaw and neck working continuously, leading to problems like TMJ disorders.

Treatments for all conditions mentioned above are available from health professionals but will cost a significant sum and waste time you can ill-afford on such issues. Therefore it is incredibly essential that you keep your natural teeth healthy to avoid the unwanted impacts they can have on your overall health.

What If You Lose Your Teeth despite the Attention?

Loss of teeth is a natural phenomenon affecting almost everyone. However, if you lose your teeth due to diseases, injuries, or other reasons, getting tooth replacements is something you cannot overlook. Among the various options currently available dental implants are the most reliable and resemble the appearance and feel of your natural teeth. Therefore while you make every attempt to preserve your natural teeth, the only alternative must consider as replacements for them are dental implants if you, unfortunately, manage to lose them.

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