Dentures in Owego, NY

Dentures in Owego, NY

Our practice at Owego Dental offers partial, full set, and implant-supported dentures for your needs. Dentures are cost-effective and versatile restorations that can be used to restore just a few teeth or all the teeth on the top and bottom gum line. Our experienced dentist near you will evaluate your oral cavity before creating precise impressions of your teeth.

Why Consider Dentures

Dentures help complete your smile by filling in the gaps in your teeth. They lift sagging cheeks and provide support to the cheek and jaw. Patients can enjoy eating a wider variety of foods as well as smile and chew confidently. Dentures in Owego, NY, are also an excellent option to replace damaged, injured, or decayed teeth that are causing pain.

Different Types of Dentures

You can choose from different types of dentures, depending on your needs:

Partial Dentures: Do you need replacements for just a few teeth? After a thorough assessment, Dr. Rani Dasgupta, DDS, will make precise impressions of the missing teeth. We will send these molds to a dental laboratory, where they will prepare your partials. Partials are particularly recommended when adjacent teeth are not healthy enough to support restorations like dental bridges.

Full Dentures: Full or complete dentures are fabricated to rest on the upper or lower gum tissue and are held in place by suction or oral adhesive. Our skilled dentist in Owego, NY, may extract one or more teeth to make room for full dentures.

Overdentures: These can be fitted over natural tooth roots or over dental implants (if natural tooth roots are not strong enough) and are removable.

Immediate Dentures: Immediate dentures differ from traditional dentures and can be worn immediately after extraction. They are designed to adjust to the changes in the oral cavity during the healing process. Once the extraction area is fully healed, Dr. Rani Dasgupta will replace immediate dentures with permanent dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Dentures that are anchored to dental implants are known as implant-supported dentures. They offer higher levels of stability and performance than conventional partials or full dentures.

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