Extractions in Owego, NY

Extractions in Owego, NY

If decay, trauma, or gum disease has damaged your tooth, our trained dentist near you can repair it with a filling or crown. However, if the damaged tooth is beyond repair, the dentist may need to remove the tooth. This process is known as tooth extraction.

Thanks to advanced dental technology and effective sedation techniques, dental extractions are no longer painful. We extract the tooth as a last option and try our best to preserve your natural tooth for as long as possible.

Why Patients Need Extractions

In addition to decay and cavities, there are several other reasons that could lead to the need for an extraction:

  • Extra teeth may be preventing other teeth from erupting and may need to be removed.
  • Patients who need braces may need extractions to make room for other teeth to move into new positions.
  • Infected, impacted, or decayed wisdom teeth (also called third molars) may need to be extracted to prevent them from affecting other teeth in the oral cavity.
  • Patients receiving chemotherapy or cancer drugs may need to get extractions in Owego, NY

Timely tooth extraction at Owego Dental can result in instant pain relief and prevent the spread of an infection.

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions

Our trained general dentist in Owego, NY, performs a simple extraction when the tooth in question is visible above the gums. We administer suitable sedation and use forceps to extract the tooth. Damaged, overcrowded, and cracked teeth are usually extracted with simple extraction methods.

Surgical extractions near you involve making an incision in the gums to access the tooth. Oral surgery is used to extract impacted or decayed teeth that are located below the gum line and involve stitches in the gums.

Dr. Rani Dasgupta DDS keeps patients relaxed throughout the extraction process. You will feel no pain during simple or surgical extractions. We will prescribe effective medication to control post-op soreness or discomfort. You can expect to recover and get back to your routine in two or three days.

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