Sports Guard in Owego, NY

Sports Guard in Owego, NY

Does your child love to play contact sports? Sports guards are crucial to keeping the teeth, gums, tongue, and jaws from injury. However, poorly fitted or worn-down mouth guards may not be able to offer adequate protection.

If you’re looking to get custom-fitted sports guards, please visit our reliable dentist near you.

What Are Sports Guards?

Sports guards are oral appliances worn over teeth to protect them from blows and trauma. If you or your child plays sports that involve flying equipment, body contact and falls, you must wear sports guards to prevent the risks of injury. Those who play basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, skateboarding, boxing, or enjoy mountain biking must wear sports guards in Owego, NY.

Sports guards come in different materials and styles, such as pressure laminated or vacuum-based models. Wearing a sports guard can save you from permanent tooth loss. Please book an appointment at Owego Dental to get a mouth guard of your choice.

Essential Facts about Sports Guards

Dr. Rani Dasgupta, DDS, provides sports guards to protect your upper teeth as well as lower teeth that have bridges, crowns, or braces. We can provide you with sports guards that fit over dental appliances.

Over time, mouth guards tend to wear down, and the material is no longer thick enough to be protective. We recommend changing your sports guards every six months, depending on usage. If not cleaned properly, mouth guards can rapidly become habitats for bacteria. Clean out the mouthguard every time you use it by using a toothbrush and cold, running water.

Our skilled dentist in Owego, NY, will help you choose the most suitable sports guards for your needs. If you need to wear a braces sports guard, Dr. Rani Dasgupta will make precise impressions and check the appliance for fit and comfort.

Overly tight mouth guards will prevent the braces from realigning the teeth. On the other hand, loose sports guards may get caught on the braces, resulting in orthodontic damage to the teeth. Please contact Owego Dental for an appointment to get fitted for personalized sports guards near you.

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