Ways To Clear Off White Spots On Your Teeth.

Ways To Clear Off White Spots On Your Teeth.

Aug 02, 2021

It is nice for an individual to have white and beautiful dentition. It makes one have a higher self-image in public. However, some people notice some white spots on their teeth. The shade of these white spots is often different from the color of the natural teeth. Are you wondering about how these spots came into existence? You do not need to worry about it. They could be signs of tooth decay and excess use of fluoride on the teeth. This article talks about how to get rid of these white specks that give the dentition an awful discoloration. Read on.

White spots are specks on the teeth. It is also known as decalcification. It is a teeth discoloration that happens among a lot of people. Individuals may be worried about these spots as it disfigures their appearance. It is essential to know the factor that causes the presence of those white blots. Based on this, one will have an appropriate solution for the problem. Many lifestyle activities contribute to this teeth issue. Your dentists have the duty of identifying the specific reason for the white blotches. They then find a means to rectify the situation. First of all, let’s talk about the causes of these white spots.

What Are The Causes Of White Blotches On The Teeth?

Various conditions bring about white tooth spots. Some of these causes include:

  1. Decalcification: This is when there is a shortage of minerals( like calcium, fluorine, and phosphorus) in the teeth. It occurs due to the invasion of the dentition by bacterial micro-organisms. The bacteria destroys the tooth surface( enamel) and leads to the formation of white specks on the teeth. One can have bacteria on the teeth due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar.
  2. Excessive Use Of Fluoride: It leads to dental fluorosis. Yes, fluoride is essential for teeth strengthening. But it can be dangerous when utilized in surplus quantities. It is common in children that swallow fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Dental fluorosis leads to the appearance of white spots on the teeth.
  3. Keeping your mouth open when asleep: Some individuals tend to leave their mouths exposed when sleeping. The teeth may develop some white spots during that period. It is due to the dehydration of the teeth. It is not in contact with saliva hence the mouth is dry. When the person wakes up, saliva is reintroduced to the teeth’ surface. Then the white spots disappear.
  4. Deficiency of tooth enamel: It is also called enamel hypoplasia. This body condition gets influenced by factors like a nutritional shortage, celiac disease. Pregnant women fond of smoking might put the unborn child at risk of having this disease. It also causes teeth irritations.
  5. Problems with your diet: You should consume foods that have high calcium content. This keeps the teeth mineralized. Not eating enough calcium-containing foods can put you at risk for teeth spots.

Other things that can instigate teeth’ white specks include taking certain medications like amoxicillin, high fevers that make you open your mouth more, and the use of braces.

Clearing Off White Spots On Your Teeth.

The following are ways to get rid of white spots on your teeth;

  1. Bleaching your teeth: Teeth whitening is an option for clearing white spots. Here, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used to bleach the tooth surfaces. It makes the white spots on the teeth’ enamel hardly visible. Teeth whitening services are provided by dentists in their offices. See your teeth whitening dentists get this procedure done.
  2. Microabrasion of the tooth enamel to remove the spots on the outermost tooth surface.
  3. Use chin straps to keep them from opening during sleep
  4. Use of veneer therapy: These are thin shells made of plastic to cover the tooth surface. Most dentists utilize a custom-made porcelain veneer to hide the spots. They can offer teeth whitening services as well as veneer adhesion processes. The veneers are plastic and hardly get stained.
  5. Taking nasal decongestants before sleeping can help you keep your mouth closed.

Prevention Of White Blotches On The Teeth.

  1. It is crucial to maintain proper dental hygiene by brushing at least twice daily. Also, floss once a day.
  2. Reduce intake of sugary foods.
  3. Supervise children when they are brushing to minimize swallowing of the toothpaste.
  4. See your dentists regularly for dental cleaning.

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